Voyeuristic Practice?! How watching other performers can make you a better player.


I was watching a TV program last week called “Test your brain“, a series developed by National Geographic Channel which explores how the mind works. The first episode was all about memory (interesting enough for musicians), but the second episode entitled, “You won’t believe your eyes”, really got me thinking about the effect of visual 
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Most unusual places to record piano?

Wish I could practice my piano in some of these locations!! On a salt lake:   Top of a mountain:   By a waterfall:   The Tower Bridge in London:   At the beach:   As you can see, the PianoGuys feature highly in the above list… check out their YouTube channel if you haven’t 
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Looking for good masterclass videos?

No doubt you send your students to masterclasses and have perhaps even participated in or conducted one yourself in the past. There are many fantastic masterclass videos on YouTube which I won’t worry about listing here (just search for whatever piece you’re looking for + “masterclass”), but there is a great channel called MMF Masterclass 
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Devlin’s Angle: The difference between teaching and instruction

Good to know that music teachers, unlike mathematics teachers it seems, have the right idea about how to teach! I have also taught classroom maths in the past and this article is spot-on about the (wrong) way that subjects like maths, science and history, is taught in schools… A useful article for all teachers. Devlin’s 
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Is 30 minutes enough?

piano teaching tim topham

“Enough for what?” you might ask. If I asked how many of you find it hard to find the time to incorporate aural, theory, sight-reading, general knowledge, composition, harmony and improvisation studies into your students’ 30 minute lessons, would you put up your hand? In order to provide our students with a holistic musical education 
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Who does Mock Exams? | Poll

At this time of the year, I tend to start arranging mock exams for students who are sitting their exam in the October season here in Australia. I normally get students to sit at least one mock exam, preferably two, prior to their actual exam and I generally use my own teacher and/or friends who 
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