2Cellos – you have to check these guys out!

By Tim Topham | Performance

Dec 12

Before Elton John came on stage last week, we were treated to a very special introduction by Croatian duo “2Cellos”. These guys have been making a name for themselves on YouTube for a while and were somehow picked up by Elton to form part of his amazing band.

I’m not going to explain much about them except to highly recommend you have a look at them on YouTube! Everything you hear, is just the two cellos, often with a variety of effects pedals. Amazing!

This was their opening at Elton John:



And this was simply breathtaking:


I’d highly recommend considering getting their album, oh and check out their website too. Unfortunately, as Elton said, they have been labelled by Sony as “classical” (of course) even though they’re much more about pop than anything… mind you, it is hard to define really, isn’t it?

So when is someone going to add effects and electronics to the humble acoustic piano and play stuff like this…and is there a market for it?


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