Fast & Furious: Film Music Links for Adventurous Students

piano teaching boys

Do you teach teens?

Do you have boys in your studio?

Tired of teaching the same old stuff?

Are you looking for new music ideas?


piano teaching

As a part of my goal of helping teachers motivate their teens student more effectively (also see my Teen Teaching Toolkit), I’ve started a new series of articles called Fast and Furious: Music Links for Adventurous Students.

This new content features one-page references of all my favourite music links for teaching teenagers and adults.

The links will take you straight to where you can access the music online.

No searching.

No wasting time.

Just great music for your students!

Best Film Music Links for Teens

To get your free copy of Part 1: Film Music Links, just leave your details here.

No spam, no payment, just instant access.









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