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By Tim Topham | Piano Teaching

Aug 22

Here are a few more online resources worth checking out. Please note that I’ve  also added links to all my favourite music sites on the left side of my blog.

I’ve blogged about it before, but Australian teacher/author Philip Johnston has just updated his website/blog (and written another book) all available at There are excellent resources for teachers on the website including great articles, downloads and links to all his publications, some of which are now available in digital form.

For Facebook users, in my last post about (The best forums, websites and blogs for piano teachers), I neglected to mention The Art of Piano pedagogy page. I’m not sure who runs it, but there are over 2000 members from around the world and features lots of interesting discussions everyday. Post your questions or respond to other people’s queries (much like the huge PianoWorld Forums – another of my previous recommendations). Well-respected teacher Irina Gorin is a regular contributor, linking her insightful YouTube videos with questions and comments. Speaking of Irina, she also has her own Facebook page – Irina-Gorin Piano Studio – you might like to check out.

While on Facebook, here are the pages that I’ve “liked” and that regularly come up with interesting links and posts:

  1. Teach Piano Today
  2. 88 piano keys
  3. National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy
  4. 11th Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference
  5. Golandsky Institute
  6. Australian Piano Teachers’ Music Hub

Sheet Piano Music – an amazing collection of sheet music from classical to modern. Worth exploring if you’re looking for something.

Fundamentals of Piano Practice – a huge document/blog all about piano playing by Chuan C. Chang. It’s a very interesting read (you won’t agree with everything) and all the chapters are hyperlinked to the contents page. Here’s a good summary about the book from another blog and here is just one of many discussions about whether it’s good or bad. Lots of tips/tricks/practice techniques for just about everything related to piano playing, but I wouldn’t take it as gospel – just one idea to consider. It’s also available as a free PDF download.

More to come as I find them – please leave a comment if you know of any other gems 🙂


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Best-known for his blogging and teaching, Tim is also a well-respected presenter, performer and accompanist based in Melbourne, Australia. You can check him out on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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