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​Looking for support, resources and strategies on particular topics in your teaching? 

Each month on the blog, we focus on a different theme to help you get the most out of your teaching.

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Exploring Piano Exams and Recitals
This month, we're going to focus on two sometimes controversial aspects of piano teaching: exams and recitals. This will include discussions around performing,[...]
Teaching Beginner Piano and Planning a Curriculum
This month's theme is all about teaching beginner piano and planning lessons for maximum impact without relying on exam boards or[...]
Classically Trained to Creatively Curious | Exploring Creative Piano Teaching
This month's theme is all about helping 'classically trained' teachers feel more comfortable exploring creative ideas in their teaching. PS:[...]
Early Childhood Music Teaching
Teaching early childhood music requires a different approach to usual piano lessons and, for many teachers, unless you've been trained in[...]
Special Needs Piano Teaching
Have you ever felt a little out of your depth when teaching special needs piano students? Perhaps they are students with[...]
Online Piano Teaching
Have you thought about giving online lessons only to be overwhelmed by all the technology you'll need to purchase and learn[...]
Music Learning Theory
Have you ever read something, or heard a speech that really changed your viewpoint? This happened to me last year[...]
How to Streamline and Grow your Piano Teaching Business
One of the most important aspects of running any teaching business (and yes, your private teaching studio is a business!),[...]
Planning a Piano Summer Camp
One of the best ways to increase your income as a piano teacher is to run a summer camp. Whether[...]
Teaching group piano, classes and labs
If you've ever wondered how you can have a wider impact on a larger number of students while increasing your[...]
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