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Teaching boys piano: Resources

By Tim Topham | Teaching Boys

Feb 17

Teaching boys piano

Resources and Tips for Teaching Boys Piano

The most popular search item on my blog by far is for articles about teaching boys piano. It’s a topic that is close to my heart and one that I blog and speak about regularly.

While some people may disagree that there is any need to talk about teaching music specifically to one gender or the other, the large interest in the music education community about finding resources for teaching boys can’t be denied and for these teachers, I’m more than happy to help.

While I’m sure most teachers are quite competent when it comes to teaching boys, there is no doubt that challenging students come along from time to time and new music and teaching ideas can be really helpful.

Hopefully this is exactly the sort of support you’ll find on this page.

All my resources in one place

With this in mind, I recently created a resources page to summarise all the information I have found over the years about teaching boys and hope this can be a handy go-to place when you’re looking for new music, a new teaching idea or just some motivational material.

On the page, you’ll find:

  • My thoughts about gender in education
  • How to motivate male students
  • Links to my articles about teaching boys
  • A number of videos explaining my favourite pieces by a number of Australian composers
  • For quick go-to resources for teaching
  • A link to a wiki page of music that resonate well with boys, categorised by difficulty and style

The wiki page is designed so that any teacher can edit and add their suggestions to my list of recommended music for boys and can be found here: Piano Music for Boys.

I hope this resource is of use to you in your teaching.

Teaching Boys Resources Page

Got any questions?

Looking for a particular style of music? Got a tricky student? Disagree that I should be even bothering with this ‘teaching boys’ stuff?

Leave your thoughts below.



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