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By Tim Topham | Exams

Sep 04

At this time of the year, I tend to start arranging mock exams for students who are sitting their exam in the October season here in Australia. I normally get students to sit at least one mock exam, preferably two, prior to their actual exam and I generally use my own teacher and/or friends who are teachers to conduct them.

I find that mock exams are beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Students have the experience of performing under pressure for a stranger in an unfamiliar environment (just like an exam)
  • Students get feedback from an alternate perspective
  • Preparing for a mock exam a few weeks out from their actual exam date means that students are prepared well in advance
  • It gives the teacher time to fix up any issues well before the exam date
  • It’s a double-check that you’ve prepared your student thoroughly

The process got me wondering: How many other teachers do this for their students? Do you believe it’s important? If you use them, who runs them for you? I also recently had a parent question the need for a mock exam as their child’s previous teacher(s) had never done them. I was brought up with them when I was learning and I continue to run my studio in the same way.

What about you?

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For what level students do you request mock exams? ie. do you do it for all exam grades or just advanced students? Personally, I do it for any student sitting any level exam.

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I generally ask my teacher to run mock exams for my students. Who do you use?

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Looking forward to your feedback!

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