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This site is typical of Tim Topham - smart, technologically bang up-to-date and full of useful and worthwhile content. He brings a freshness and enthusiasm to the field of piano teaching that is both infectious and delightful. Subscribe and learn!

Christopher NortonComposer, Teacher, Presenter
David McNicol Teacher, Examiner, Accompanist

I am continually inspired and impressed by Tim Topham's commitment to promoting excellence throughout all areas of piano pedagogy. I have discovered so many things musically through his sharing of the latest developments in technology and his sharing of ideas regarding the performance and teaching of pop repertoire. As a classically trained teacher and performer I have found this website an invaluable reference and I thoroughly recommend it to teachers around the world.

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Tim Topham Teacher, Presenter, Blogger

Tim is a well-respected presenter, performer and accompanist based in Melbourne, Australia who has also taught in Western Australia, Tasmania and the United Kingdom. Tim holds an MBA in Educational Leadership, a Bachelor of Music, Diploma of Education and AMusA Diploma of Performance (Distinction). He has worked in education as a classroom teacher, private studio teacher, head of department and head of campus and looks forward to interacting with you online as you get involved in the content at