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Are you ready to challenge your teaching, engage and share with other teachers and explore the best ways to motivate and inspire students in the 21st Century? You've found the right place.

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With well over 20 years' teaching experience, I've created a lot of resources over the years and the best ones are all going in here. Looking for lesson plans, guides and downloads?


Want an instant hit of inspiration? Perhaps you're looking for the best ways to approach improvisation? What about getting started with pop music? This is the place to start. 


Tim Topham TV has rapidly become the go-to podcast for piano teachers around the world. With weekly video broadcasts of interviews and solo shows, you're sure to be inspired. 

What's all about? is a rapidly-growing community of music educators from around the world, all of whom are dedicated exploring, developing and sharing a more modern approach to piano teaching. It's a place to share ideas, to get feedback and support and to learn new ways of doing things. It's about building thriving studios of motivated and engaged students. Sound good?


This site is typical of Tim Topham – smart, technologically bang up-to-date and full of useful and worthwhile content. He brings a freshness and enthusiasm to the field of piano teaching that is both infectious and delightful. Subscribe and learn!

Christopher Norton,

Internationally-renowned composer, author, presenter

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Piano teaching can be an isolating experience. Teachers work long hours, often teaching in the same way that they've been taught. They focus on reading, interpretation and performance of the "classics". Exploration, creativity and improvisation take a back seat to examinations, competitions and recitals. 

At, we see things differently. We believe that engagement, exploration and creativity are keys to effective pedagogy. Piano teaching is about inspiring students through relevant and fun music and activities that motivate them to learn. 

Tim Topham’s exciting new teacher training videos provide piano teachers with the information and confidence they need to start teaching pop piano right away. This video series is packed with relevant and informative content presented in a thoughtful and sequential way. I am so impressed with this refreshing, exciting, and practical video series, and I can say with the utmost confidence that through this video series, piano teachers will learn everything they need to know to be highly successful at teaching pop piano in their studios, and their students will be playing their favorite pop songs in no time.

Melody Payne,

Teacher, presenter, blogger

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