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CPTP134: Continuing Professional Development with the Curious Piano Teachers

By Tim Topham | Piano Teaching

Aug 10

professional development piano teachers

Sally Cathcart and Sharon Mark-Teggart are curious. And they want to spread that curiosity to other piano teachers around the world. 

They’re big believers in professional development and they deliver content to help teachers improve in their membership site and regular online workshops. They’re just about the launch a new session of their comprehensive course to help piano teachers achieve a diploma qualification.

Sally Cathcart and Sharon Mark-Teggart of The Curious Piano Teachers

In this interview, we talk about the changes in professional development for piano teachers, the importance of controlling your advice monster, and how we can all continue to get better as teachers each and every year. Take a listen to find out more about these truly inspiring teachers!


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In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How Sally and Sharon started the Curious Piano Teachers
  • How they make sure their training is practical and relevant
  • What the internet has done to open up piano teacher professional development
  • Why you need to tame your advice monster
  • Where the idea for the new diploma course came from
  • How the diploma course works and who it’s for

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