Pop Piano Resources

I've decided to start a new list of resources which can help teachers who are approaching pop music in their lessons. This list will automatically update as new posts about pop are posted. Enjoy!

If you're interested in my 8-part How to Teach Pop Music course called "PianoFlix", then check out this video which gives you an overview of the course. 


If you're interested in getting instant access to this course and all my other training courses, just grab a membership to my Inner Circle Piano Teachers' Community.

Teaching Pop Resources

Here are other resources you might like to check out: 

When it comes to teaching pop, sometimes the best approach is to learn it aurally. Working out a pop song[...]
Pamela Wedgwood first started composing because her students wanted to learn pop...and yet they weren't always ready to play the[...]
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Hooktheory is a truly innovative site. It looks at harmony from a completely different perspective than traditional music theory. This is[...]
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Teach lead sheets and your students will be more likely to be lifelong pianists. In fact, Susan Deas surveyed teachers and found[...]
Lead Sheets have a notated melody line with chord symbols written above and may include words if it's a song. Chord[...]
Bradley is a fantastic improviser and has inspired many piano teachers to bring creativity into their piano teaching studios. Through[...]

Got any more suggestions? 

Leave your thoughts below and I'll add them to the list!

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