Pop Piano Resources

I've decided to start a new list of resources which can help teachers who are approaching pop music in their lessons. This list will automatically update as new posts about pop are posted. Enjoy!

Hi again, everyone. It's Tim Topham here with another Facebook live repertoire rap. These are my overviews of some of[...]
Teach lead sheets and your students will be more likely to be lifelong pianists. In fact, Susan Deas surveyed teachers and found[...]
Lead Sheets have a notated melody line with chord symbols written above and may include words if it's a song. Chord[...]
Bradley is a fantastic improviser and has inspired many piano teachers to bring creativity into their piano teaching studios. Through[...]
The world is changing and the old style of piano lessons often doesn't fly anymore. We need to find ways[...]
Through his own musicianship and teaching, Tom Donald gradually came to realise that something was missing. There was a disconnect[...]
Something we see time and time again, is that great teachers are lifelong learners. Great teachers never stop trying to better themselves,[...]
Teaching Musical Patterns I'm very happy that Barb Grout, a blog reader and Music Learning Theory teacher, has taken the[...]
I'm so excited to announce my first live events will be held around Australia in September to November 2016. The[...]
Summer Camp Training for Piano Teachers Looking for step-by-step guidance for creating your own piano summer camps and workshops? New[...]
Want to know the 10 rules that I always follow when teaching pop music to today's students? I've called the[...]
 Times they are a-changin! Are you finding that more and more of your students (and their parents) are looking for[...]
Have Your Teens Always Got Something Better To Do? Let's face it, most teens can always find something to do instead[...]
I'm really happy to have Rebecca Langley write for the blog this week. Rebecca's article about making connections in music[...]
In your quest to help students travel the path of piano mastery, have you ever considered teaching them how to[...]

Got any more suggestions? 

Leave your thoughts below and I'll add them to the list!

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